What is the difference between the silver and black units?

The only difference is color. Both silver and black racks are anodized and powder-coated. The finishes are equivalent in protection. However, the black units require more production time and, therefore, cost a bit more.

What is the difference between the Heavy-Duty and Super-Duty Rack?

They are the exact same rack other than an added 3/8-in. x 1-in. x 13.5-in. support bar underneath the Super-Duty trays. The Super-Duty tray spots are rated for up to 75 lb. versus the Heavy-Duty tray spots are rated for 50 lb.

How do I select the hitch size of the Single Quik Rack?

The Single Quik Rack has the versatility for both a 1.25-in. and 2-in. hitch. It has a 1.25-in. hitch with an “L”-shaped extrusion/adapter to make it a 2-in. hitch. A black hex wrench is provided for the removal of the adapter.

Are there diagrams or drawings to show the dimensions of the units?

Yes, under the “Fitment” tab of each item there are schematic drawings, showing all dimensions in inches.

Are the racks rated for RV and travel-trailer usage?

1Up USA advises a two-bike max with only the 2-in. hitch-bar models.


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