RS Slide


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– Includes 5’ Long Track Section
– Includes 4 RS Standard Trolley Assemblies
– Stores up to 6 bikes per 5’ section
– Additional 5’ Long Track Sections and Trolley Assemblies sold separately
– 50 lb max per Trolley Assembly
– Trolley Assemblies equipped with spring loaded mechanism for easy bike loading
– RS Standard Trolley Assembly holds tires up to 3” wide
– RS Large Trolley Assembly holds tires up to 5” wide
– Shipping weight 9 lbs
– Box dimensions 9” X 2” X 62”

1up's Pitch

Bike fashion. Garage organizer. The dapper of dappers. Call it what you want, the RS Slide is functional, practical and sleek, keeping your garage in mint condition.



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