Add-On Hitch Adapter
(Bargain Garage)


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– Fits 1.25” and 2” receivers
– Total carrying capacity of up to 100 lb., two Add-Ons max (50 lb. per tray spot)
– Means of unit is for converting an Add-On to it’s own hitch rack
– No folding or tilting mechanism
– Like our other racks, the adapter is pitched upward at a 15-degree angle to increase ground clearance with each Add-On
– Shipping weight 10 lb.
– Box dimensions 14” x 14” x 6”
– Entire unit is anodized
– This unit is not needed to attach an Add-On to an existing rack

1up's Pitch

Are you in a pinch for another rack unit? Are you a current 1UP USA Rack owner? Scenario: You’re heading to Location A with your 2” Heavy-Duty Double Rack. Your rack-less friend is packing for Location B, and you agreed to loan him your two Add-Ons. Problem #1 is he doesn’t have a rack and problem #2 is he has a tight budget. The Add-On Hitch Adapter can serve as a rack, without the folding or tilting mechanism our standard racks pose. With a maximum carrying capacity of 100 lb., two Add-Ons can be bolted onto this adapter.


Add-On Hitch Adapter