Loving our 1up USA 2 bike rack in black anodized. Used a 4 bike hitch rack for 4 years before I switched to your rack and thought I was saving money by doing so. Getting all the different sized bikes to fit on that rack was sketchy and aggravating each time. Even had an incident where we were traveling at 70 mph and one of our XC bikes was hanging from under the botton and steering tube by one strap because the rear strap popped off. We looked around for a better option and after reviewing many racks for months decided on 1up’s rack. I have to say coming from a $200 rack to a 1up was a hard price tag to swallow but after recieving the rack and actually using it I truly wish I had went this route from the get go. The simplicity, quality and stability of this rack makes it well worth it in the end. Yes it’s pricey but in the end you truly do get what you pay for and the peace of mind I get using this rack , to me is priceless. I’ve uploaded two pics, one of the old setup with 4 bikes and 1 of the new setup. I plan to add an additional bike tray soon which will allow me to carry 3 bikes on the rack and at least one in the vehicle but you can see much cleaner the new setup looks. I just placed an order for the Ez pull handle for 2 bike but wish they sold it in a kit that didn’t require me to purchase the 3 bike handle after getting an addon. If you are on the fence with this product, don’t be. You will love it.